Bachelorette Party-Blue Polka Dots,Pink Background 4.5×6.25 Paper Invitation Card (Starting at 2.06)

Bachelorette Party-Blue Polka Dots,Pink Background 4.5×6.25 Paper Invitation Card
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This blue polka dots bachelorette party invitation is part of the wedding collection you will find in my shop. All the designs are available in 6 colors – pink, red, violet, orange, blue, and green and they all can be found in the respective subcategories of the Polka Dots category in my shop. The same designs but with no text can be found in my Blank Invitations shop. This is a good option, if you like the design itself but the text in the template isn't what you need. With the blank invitations you are not limited to the fields in the template but you can enter any text you want. All the invites in the collection share a similar design, which gives consistency, when you want to invite guests for all the events related to your wedding. At present, the list of invitations includes these events: Bachelor Party, Bachelorette Party, Bridal Shower, Engagement Party, Wedding Ceremony (available in 2 versions – one where the bride and groom invite and one where parents host the ceremony), Save the Date, Rehearsal Dinner, RSVP, and Wedding Annniversary. Of course, you don't have to order invitations for all these events but if you plan on having them, consistency in invitations is a nice stuff. To see the invitatations for the other events that have the same design, go to my shop, click the category you are interested in and then navigate to the subcategory you want. There you will see a list of all the invitations with this design. The invitations are easily customizable. Just fill all the fields on the right with your data (or delete the default text and leave the field empty, if you don't need it) and this is all. If you want to customize the invite further, click the Customize it! link and then you will be able to change the font, the font size and color. You can also move the text fields, remove any you don't need, or add your own.

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